My Picture Window( Book 2)

ISBN-13:  978-1673929324

ISBN-10: 167392932X

Format: Paperback

Release Date: December 2019

Paperback: 45 Pages

Size: 5.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

Price: paperback $12.99

Available at:

Amazon- paperback

My Picture Window is a children's book series. These books encourage children to see the beauty and wonder of the world. Children are also encouraged to look out their own windows and view the wonder of their own world. Children also learn that the world is far beyond their own window. They should dream and imagine the wonders that exist in other places all over the world. Children learn to look for the beauty in their own community and window. They also learn that there are many more views to come from new windows. All they need to do is use their imagination. Look at the photos on the pages of these books and imagine the wonders that exist in the world. Dream of traveling to new places and looking out other picture windows.

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