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from Sensing Life

Watching Early Morning People

Subway riding…


A woman holding the hand of her young child

Teenager writing quickly, looks like math homework

Tall guy in suit and tie

Short guy in suit and tie

Almost identical but not really

One man in heavy boots and coveralls texting

One man in uniform shirt and jeans texting

Another just hanging out going nowhere in particular texting

Uniformed children animated, loud, good or bad

You know what I mean?


Finally off the train

Ride up or walk

Stand to the right or the left

Decisions. Decisions.

More people pass quickly by


Fast moving to someplace or

just moving fast.

Racing by the disabled, the elderly

Not seeing the pregnant woman

Moving, moving, fast


Getting where they are going

On time

In time

Out of time

Time is critical

People moving, running

Pushing, shoving

Crowded together

Moving up and out


Burst out of the hole in the ground

Almost in unison

Parting left and right

Crossing streets against the light

Moving, moving, fast