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ASIN: B00G99T53O

Format: ebook

Release Date: October 2013

Price: $1.99

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The smell of unwashed humans invaded Lil’s senses. A group of them stood at the edge of the carnage. As soon as Lil and Kiotance leave, they'd descend on the fresh bodies, taking anything valuable. That reminded her. She needed a femur to replace the knife she lost weeks ago. 

Lil returned her gaze to the still glaring female. Like herself, Kiotance wasn't human or demon. No one knew where their kind came from. Books said their ancestors were the products of humans mating with demons. Lil didn't believe something just because a human with a long title published it. 

Didn’t matter. Kiotance wanted something from her. 

“Shyne’s home. You know that,” Lil said. 

Small trembles rose from the dead bodies. The walking city, Chagoll, was about twenty minutes away. Lil had time. She slipped her knife back in its holster. She needed a better weapon. 

Kiotance still held out the jewel. Despite what humans in Chagoll thought of Lil, they loved her money. She'd find someone who could covert this to raims. Lil took the red stone. 

“I wager things like that won't be worth much for long,” Kiotance said. 

Lil nodded. This was why that female called her here. Shyne never had the patience for conversation. If Kiotance had information she needed to share, she called Lil. 

“A couple days ago, every citizen in Geng’hi disappeared. Looked like no one had ever lived there. I had to check my map, make sure I was in the right area.” 

Everything begins at the end. 

Lil “Furor” Aona never knew the world before the demons took over. Her race, the Bête Noir, fight them. The demons have always been their enemy. The world, however, isn't so simple. To the humans, the Diras are benevolent. Humans see the Bête Noire as the abominations. Lil and her family know better. They've fought enough demons. The Diras want to destroy all humans. What's their final plan? Will Lil ever find out?  

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