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ISBN-13: 978-1494355104

ISBN-10: 1494355108


Format: ebook, paperback

Release Date: December 2013

Paperback: 168 pages

Series: We Are Not The Enemy​

Size:  6 x 0.3 x 9 inches

Price: ebook $10.99 ; print $12.99

Available At:


This book is meant for those who want to get rid of the federal government. It was also written for those who want to become better informed about what federal agencies and their employees do and why they do it. This book will help you better understand the president’s and Congress’ roles and responsibilities in ensuring a smooth and efficiently run government. It will enable you to grasp the scope of each U.S. citizen’s basic civic duty, which is to be informed and engaged in the conduct of our democracy. Most important, this book will help us all understand why a civil service career is a worthy and rewarding calling.

We Are Not The Enenmy (2013)