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ISBN-13: 978-1541171220​

ISBN-10: 1541171225​
Format: paperback and ebook
Release Date: December 2016
Paperback: 230 pages
Size: 5.5 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches​
Price: paperback $10.99; ebook $4.99

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Detective John Smith can talk to his guardian angel.  Ms. Harper is his secret weapon for fighting the war on crime. 

His son, John Jr. (Junior), is next in line to receive the gift of talking with his own guardian angel. It is passed down from generation to generation on the seventeenth birthday. But Junior’s mind is being manipulated by an evil presence, forcing him into a life of crime.  

Armed with a gun at a school break-in, Junior and his friends cause a man to die. 

The mayor appoints John to be lead investigator over the string of school burglaries. John suspects his son is involved. How can he do his job when it could lead to his son’s arrest?

Will the devil tear this family apart or will good triumph over evil?


Unsolicited Encounters