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I feel I’ve lived my life outside.

Outside what?

Just outside.

As a child, hanging with the other neighborhood children,

We’re all running around hollering and screaming

Having a good time.

There are times when I find myself standing outside of the screams and the fun.

Not different.

Just Outside.

Then in Junior High, my girls and I hang out around town,

Them shopping, me just hanging out enjoying our time together.


Later in High School going to class and the dances in the gym and to the football games where we all holler and scream as our team wins another game.

I’m still outside.

I stand on the bleachers with everyone else.

I stomp on the bleachers during the cheers and the touchdowns.

But still somehow outside.

After the game, I catch my bus and go home.

Then College.

Great times, great friends,

Good and bad professors.

Party over here!

Party over there!

Friends to laugh and walk and talk with.

But still somehow outside.

Now fully grown up, I hope I’ll come inside…

Living my life as God leads me, I hope.

Friends dropping in and dropping out.

None really understanding my road, my life, my dreams.

They love me.

They just don’t understand.

At times they even encourage me on my road.

I sit now and look out the window at this beautiful Spring day.

I’ll finish a project today.

Mail some material off today.

Dig in and get rid of those pesky weeds today.

Sing today.

Dance today.

Dream today.

All done in the world.

Yet still somehow


I wonder if others feel this way.

In the world,

Living a good life,

Yet still somehow


Not unhappy.

Truly blessed.

Learning God’s word.

Trying to stay on His path.

In the world.

Looking at the world

From the outside.