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Suddenly, Laight jumped out of Jade’s lap. She stood with her nose aimed at the forest and her ears up. Defensive position. No growling. Serin must be close. Jade walked around the camp packing their bags. Why did Laight feel she needed to defend her territory?

Serin raced into camp holding an alarmingly large dead rodent. He stopped and frowned as Jade put the books away.

“Your powers of observation are frightening.” He kicked dirt over the fire.

“What did you do?”

“Why do you assume this is my fault?” he replied dryly.

Jade started taking down the tent.

Laight growled.

“Leave it,” Serin ordered grabbing both bags.

​Jade packed only one sleeping mat. Laight bared her fangs. She released vicious barks. Her poison burned the air. Serin grabbed Jade and ran. Laight ran close at their feet. The ground rumbled.

“They shouldn’t be able to see us inside the shields,” Jade said.

“Do you trust our shields?”

Good question. One week of practice didn’t make them experts. Serin stopped. He pushed her behind him. The ground shifted. Several small hills grew. They turned into…she didn’t know what to think about them. The human-like things blended in with the dry ground. These underfed toddlers crawled on six limbs that ended in points. Their bulging muscles disfigured their skinny bodies. Monsters surrounded them.

Finally. Jade had been bored.

She raced around Serin. The monster charged at once. Jade stomped. The ground shook. They stumbled. Jade swept her foot across the dirt. The beasts scattered. Her neck tingled. She jumped right. One fell over her shoulder. She snapped her hand around it. 


Format: ebook

Release Date: October 2014

Series: Jura #2

Price: $2.99

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They once moved forward together with hope. Now, shadows have infested their light. 

Food and water are scarce. Jade and Serin travel across a dying land, Jura, searching for a home where they will be accepted. They need to stay vigilant. Everything and everyone wants them dead. Jurians blame the two for the desolation of Jura. No place to rest. Jade and Serin don’t know much about their powers or their families. This journey, their wish, seems impossible. Their bond deepens as they find safety in each other. Their desperate search for water leads them deep underground. Finally, a safe community. Can they rest? The enemy follows their every movement. An ally watches from a distance. After an impossible journey, a home and rest...for now.

Shadows Under The Light Book 2 of The Jura Series