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In traffic.


Bumper to bumper.

Miles and miles.


The driver on my left is searching for a gas station or a way out.

The driver on my right talking on the phone, anxious.

The driver of the 18-wheeler behind me, ominous.

I hope he’s paying attention.

Getting pretty close to me.

Oh oh, a little red sports car weaving in and out of lanes going nowhere really.

​Trying to get in front of what?More traffic.Miles and miles of traffic.Endless.

There are no exits in sight.What? Not another motorcycle group driving between lanes.

Oh here we go.

Cars now riding on the shoulder making traffic worse.

Where are they going? Where’re the police?

Maybe they know something I don’t.

Maybe I should follow them.

​At least they’re moving… 

Miles of traffic.


So what should I do now? 

Read a book or newspaper?

Pick up my phone and call someone?

Maybe even text?

No way.

That’s stupid.

I do want to get to where I’m going…eventually.

Well, how about just being patient and watching the road and the cars ahead?

What a novel idea. 


From (Sensing Life)